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Week 1 Lower Body and Strength and ConditioningLIVE - 12 minutes, 52 seconds Left
Coming Up On Fitflix -Christy's Miracle Muscles 01NEXT - Starting in 12 minutes, 52 seconds
Day 1 Leg and Lower Body, Proper Measurements for SuccessAFTER - Starting in 13 minutes, 2 seconds
Coming Up On Fitflix - Sean Power Hour 02SOON - Starting in 56 minutes, 52 seconds
SLIMSpeed Up Your Slim Down
BITEThe Vampire of the World Cup
DUMBESTThe 20 Dumbest Things Ever Said by Bodybuilders
SOUPNegative Calorie Soup
AVOIDWhat Not To Eat
CHEATThe Treat Sheet
FOODEat Like A Parisian: Not an American
BREAKFASTNew Study: Eat Breakfast, Burn More
BREAKUPBreak Up with Your Love Handles
RIPPEDLower Abs- Solved
SMOOTHEat For Your Skin
OLYMPIANWorkout Like An Olympian
YIKES!Worldwide Health- It's Getting Worse
SEXIESTSexiest Arm Move
KIDSFitness For Kids
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